Copywriter Freelance

  • Remote

Copywriter skills

Skills we need from a Copywriter (for websites)


  • Strong writing skills (US English, ideally native)
  • Communication and interpersonal skills:
  • Effective verbal communication,
  • Ability to speak up during meetings, 
  • Communication with clients, 
  • Listening to feedback 
  • Teamwork (collaboration with our Design and Research teams)

Research skills

  • Understand our client’s field 
  • Complete the information given by the client with additional research, if needed 
  • Interview potential users
  • Creative thinking
  • Problem-solving skills and flexibility (it might happen that not everything goes according to plan and we might adapt a bit our process or timeline)
  • UX writing (for websites)

Has to be available for meetings (on working hours, ET time)

Nice-to-have skills: 

  • Knowledge in the field of our client (for example: biotech, cryptocurrency,...)
  • Knowledge in the field of SaaS or Startups
  • Marketing or Communications background
  • SEO knowledge
  • Proactivity:
  • Follow up with the team in case of any blocker
  • Share ideas of best practices to improve our collaboration and ways of working 

Some jobs to be done may be: 

  • Define tone of voice
  • Facilitate workshop if needed
  • Prepare and lead user Interviews
  • Search and contact interviewees (matching the profile of the website’s user persona), 
  • Schedule and prepare the interviews 
  • Interview the users
  • Leverage the results to draft the copy of the website
  • Craft copy for website
  • Understand the client’s Business and Marketing needs

No need of specific technical skills (e.g Figma, CMS,... we take care of that)